Pensioner robbed of €12,000 in scam


GUARDIA CIVIL officers in the Murcia region are alerting people to a scam, which this week saw an elderly woman robbed of 12,000 euros.

The woman, in her seventies, from Mula, Murcia fell victim to the elaborate scam outside her house at around 23.00h.

She was approached by a young woman with obvious learning difficulties, who said she was looking for a school. Whilst the elderly woman was trying to help, a man appeared and asked the disabled woman what she wanted.

She produced a wad of euro notes, explaining she had found them in a container, she then accused the man of stealing over half of them, 6,000 euros with accomplices.

He then disappeared, saying he would return with he money. When he came back, he had a heavy chain which he put around the disabled woman’s neck, threatening to kill the young woman unless the elderly woman emptied her bank account.

He took her to Banco Sabadell in the town and forced her to withdraw two transactions, each of 6000 euros plus 260 euros for the disabled woman, which he took from her purse. He gave the now  confused victim 10 euros to buy biscuits for the disabled woman, but when she returned they had both disappeared.

The victim, now frightened and totally disorientated wandered the streets for hours before returning home, where here grandaughter alerted the Guardia Civil.

The unnamed victim is suffering from severe anxiety since the incident and can remember few details of the thieves. Guardia Civil officers have issued the only information they have. The young disabled woman was traveling in a grey medium-sized car. The man is 1.65 meters tall, has a moustache and dark hair and was well dressed.

The elderly victim of the scam in which she was robbed of 12,000 euros, prefers to remain anonymous

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