Petition to stop poisoning in Elche


A PETITION has been initiated as part of the campaign to raise awareness about the dangers to pets and children when using toxic substances to deter animals.

Homeowners might be inclined to coat exterior walls and crevices with a toxic substance to stop cats and dogs urinating or defecating nearby.

In just one week, over a thousand signatures have been collected on the petition to stop this.

The initiative, led by the Peludines group, is receiving a very good reception, according to Ana Sanchez, its president, who is also going to start collecting physical signatures from local Elche businesses.

The group have reacted partly to the municipal campaign where owners are asked to pick up their animals’ defecations (which we think is fair enough) and to stop them from urinating anywhere (a little more difficult).

Fines will also be handed out to unlawful owners.

As a response, the group have called for fines for those who use toxic substances where access by the general public is allowed, reasoning that such substances can not only cause harm to cats and dogs, but also children.

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