Police bust Costa Blanca criminal gang


POLICE HAVE placed 13 people belonging to one of the most active criminal gangs in the region under arrest as part of a two-phase operation.

The group, ranging in age from 27 to 40 years old and of mixed origin, robbed houses across Murcia and Cartagena, targeting the homes of drug dealers – removing both narcotics and cash – in the knowledge that the victims would not be able to report the robbery.

They also stole from the elderly, using a slick system wherein some members entertained their victims whilst the rest stole money and jewellery.

The first phase of the police operation took off in February when three suspects were arrested whilst attempting to deliver stolen jewellery to an accomplice.

A few days ago, the second phase was carried out when another 10 suspects were arrested.

The investigation remains open pending further allegations.

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