Police investigate hit man arrested three days after Maria del Carmen Martinez murder


AGENTS of Alicante and the Central Organized Crime Brigade arrested a fugitive of Colombian nationality claimed by Germany in December, three days after Maria del Carmen Martinez was murdered.

The fugitive was wanted for attempted murder and drug trafficking in Germany.

He fled Germany after shooting a man twice over a drug related issue and settled in Alicante. A European Order of Detention and Delivery was subsequently issued and when he was captured, a large amount of telling computer and telephone material, several memory devices and twenty grams of cocaine were found.

He was placed at the disposal of the Audiencia Nacional.

Agents working on the case of Maria del Carmen Martínez recently analysed the fugitive’s movement around the time that he was arrested to ascertain whether he could have been linked to her murder.

After investigations, any connection to the murder of María del Carmen Martinez was ruled out.

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