President of Murcia on embezzlement charge


PRESIDENT OF the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, has been reportedly charged with misappropriation of two million euros of public funds, whilst in office as Mayor of the South Murcia town of Puerto Lumbreras, a position he held for ten years until 2013.

Prosecutors allege he spent the money on building materials that never existed. In September 2015, Guardia Civil Officers entered an auditorium in the town which should have held the products, but they were not there. The list of missing items include generators, firewalls, carpets, doors, fireplaces plus many more items. The products were to be used in the construction of a cultural complex for the town, but the building was over 60% unfinished.

He faces three charges of misrepresentation, documentary misrepresentation and embezzlement of public funds.

The beleagured President is now facing a parliamentary revolt from his erstwhile partners in the Ciudanos Party, who are now calling for a motion of censure. In addition former Murcia President Albert Garre has announced he is completely scandalised by these terrible events and is giving serious thought to leaving the PP Party and joining a local party.

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