Presidents already elected for Las Fallas de Denia 2018


ALONG WITH the fireworks and festivities of Las Fallas in Denia on Sunday evening also came formalities, as each of the eleven fallas elected their presidents for next year:

Falla Diana
The first to announce the name of their new president, Falla Diana will see Pablo Fuster leading the commission next year.
Falla Campaments
A member of the Falla Campaments commission since 2000 and one-time president in 2006, Salvador Berruti was delighted to be elected to lead for a second time in 2018.
Falla Les Roques
Falla Les Roques introduced Fran Martinez as their president for next year. Fran has been a member of the commission for four years and will work alongside children’s president Marc Femenia.
Falla Darrere del Castell
The next to reach the Town Hall square were the falleros of Darrere del Castell, with new president, Pepe Ortiz. Pepe is particularly au-fait with the responsibilities having been president back in 1989.
Falla Camp Roig
Leading Falla Camp Roig will be Juan Moro, another second-timer who has not yet revealed who will work alongside him.
Falla Baix la Mar
After a stint as president in 2009, Manuel Marco Llorca is looking forward to taking on the prestigious role again in 2018.
Falla West
Vicent Montanter this year celebrates 20 years as part of the Falla West commission and in 2018, also the year of the 70th anniversary of the commission, will hold the position of president.
Falla Saladar
Jose Luis Martín will be president of the commission again in2018, accompanied by Ada Arbona. Jose has been a member of the commission for 12 years, in which he has various positions including vice president.
Falla Port Rotes
Manuel Marquez assumes the Falla Port Rotes 2018 presidency after 9 years as member of the commission. Manuel was the founder of the Falla Darrere del Castell, of which he was also president.
Falla Paris Pedrera
Juan Carlos Molina will be the president Falla Paris Pedrera next year. Juan, better known as ‘Naranjito’ has been a member of the Falla Paris Pedrera commission for 15 years.
Falla Centro
Esteban Arnau, linked to the Falla Centro for more than seven years was thrilled to accept presidency for 2018.

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