Protest to change Spanish law


LAST Saturday afternoon saw over 40 protesters congregate outside Benidorm Town Hall to urge the council to review current legislation in regard to stray and feral cats in the area and request support as is given in areas such as Madrid and Vienna. 

The protest was arranged by Accion Mascotas (previously Gatami), an entirely volunteer-run organisation that has been providing veterinary care, spaying, fostering and rehoming abandoned cats in Benidorm and the surrounding areas (Altea, La Nucia, Guadalest, Villa Joyosa and more) for over 20 years.

In line with current legislation, any member of the public found to be feeding stray or feral cats will receive a fine of 120€. They can also be denounced by a neighbour.

ccion Mascotas has pleaded with the council now for some time, requesting that support is provided as it is in other cities – whereby the council will provide spaces for members of the public to take stray and feral cats aside from shelters and provide funding to have the cats spayed.

Cats have been found in the local area baited into traps, some having lost limbs or worse, their lives.

Accion Mascotas desperately require more volunteers – be it to donate food for the cats, provide a foster home or even to give a few hours at the La Nucia car boot sale they attend every Sunday to raise funds. Every little helps and is greatly appreciated by the organisation.

The organisation will be attending the Annual Canine Adoption Festival in Albir this Sunday and would love to talk more about what they do with anyone who might like to get involved.

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