Safety tips for kids bedrooms


SAFETY is vitally important when decorating kids bedrooms. Here are some basic tips to ensure they stay safe at all times

1.     Use child-proof locks or latches on lower drawers to avoid budding  mountaineer turning them into climbing frames.

2.     Don’t hang heavy pictures or mirrors above the bed.

3.     Bunk beds are not the ideal option for children under the age of six. If space allows, try to use cabin beds instead which have the added advantage of extra storage.

4.     If windows are not barred on the outside, use latches that stop windows from being opened more than 10 centimetres.

5.     Avoid placing a bed underneath  windows, against radiators or underneath shelves/ ledges or other things they can grab hold of or bang their heads on.

6.     Use brackets or anti-toppling devices to secure furniture to walls. Accidents often happen when free-standing items of furniture topple over on top of unsuspecting yongsters.

7.     Hide any lamp, curtain or blind cords which small fingers can easily grab hold of.

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