´I want to give Justin Bieber a good slap!´


JUSTIN BIEBER is acting up again!

This troubled young soul has made the headlines again this week, but for all the wrong reasons. I get the feeling that there is nobody in his life that can give him a good slap and say, you are a d**k!

Excuse the profanity!

I’m guessing if you are part of his “squad”, you have to stay in his good graces to stay on the payroll!

Bieber was caught on camera last week telling a fan they made him “feel sick” when they attempted to take a photo with him.

The singer is currently on tour in Australia, last playing Melbourne on Friday (March 10) night. He’ll perform at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane tonight (March 13).

However, while in Melbourne, Bieber was caught up in an unfortunate altercation with a female fan who approached him for a photo. Filmed by a passer-by, the fan asked Bieber for a photo only for the singer to reply: “You have no respect level. Look at you – you’re making me sick.”

Like Marmite, it’s a love or hate relationship.


Steady Eddy!

The superstar red-head topped his home country’s album charts with ÷ (Divide) and filling nine of the top 10 places on the single charts.

Told you so!


Tale As Old As Time.

I have died and gone to Disney heaven.

Walt Disney remakes the classic 1991 animated flick into a live-action-dark-romantic-fantasy and its getting rave reviews, starring a bonanza of British actors such as; Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ian Mckellen and Emma Thompson, Beauty And The Beast is sure to be a big screen knock-out! Released 23 February 2017.

“Those who predicted this wouldn’t hold a talking candle to the animated original will be pleasantly surprised. The tale may be as old as time, but it’s retold with freshness, brio and flair” – EMPIRE

MORE… Music

A classic relived and revived!

The new flick, Beauty And The Beast’s soundtrack also holds some hidden gems along with the old school Disney tracks.

“Tale As Old As Time” originally recorded in 1991 by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, has be rejuvenated by pop megastars Ariana Grande and John Legend! VERDICT, stunning! Actually made me cry when I first listened to it… also on the official music video you get the added bonus of seeing Belle dancing with the Beast! Swoon and blub fest!


One Direction star was arrested on suspicion of battery over allegations that he attacked a photographer and a passenger at LAX last week. Pop star Louis Tomlinson told police ‘I may have taken him down’ when asked if he had tripped a paparazzi photographer during an airport scuffle. The report cannot be released due to LAPD guidelines.

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