Schools in Spain prefer to teach in English


RECENT INVESTIGATIONS revealed a mere 28 per cent of Alicante Province state schools opt to teach mainly in Spanish.

Under the Valencia region’s tri-lingual programme, schools can choose which subjects and lessons are taught in Valenciano, English and Spanish.

In encouraging schools to teach in Valenciano, the Generalitat has introduced a carrot-and-stick approach, so that more classes taught in Valenciano automatically bring more taught in English.

The advanced level of four subjects taught in English, one in Spanish and the remainder in Valenciano was chosen by 164 schools, 40 per cent of the total.

In contrast, 132 schools – 32 per cent of the total – will teach in both languages at intermediate level with two subjects in Valenciano, one or two in English and the rest in Spanish.

A further 119 schools (28 per cent) chose the basic level taught in Spanish with one subject in English and one in Valenciano.

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