Security improved at La Cova dels Arcs


THE VIEWING platform at La Cova del Arcs, ever-popular with tourists, provides a spectacular vantage point from which you can see Morro Falqui, La Cala del Moraig, La Punta del Cap de la Nao and La Illa del Descobridor de Xabia.

Costas and the Town Council of the Poble Nou de Benitatxell have installed wooden banisters and handrails along the platform to ensure security of its visitors.

Councillor of Tourism, Manolo Segarra described the area as ‘one of the most visited natural viewpoints of the cove’ and expressed the importance of the newly installed security measures, explaining that beforehand, those who went up to the viewpoint did so ‘not without danger of stumbling and falling on the rocks’.

La Cova dels Arcs is located next to La Cala del Moraig and is a stunning example of a karst landscape, sculpted by the sea. The erosive action of the waves and the dissolution of the sea water on the limestone rocks has established the cave as an emblematic icon on the Valencian coast with light entering through two great arcs and a superior hole.

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