Six tonnes of oranges stolen in Orihuela and Pego


THE Guardia Civil of Torrevieja have arrested two Moroccan men, aged 21 and 28 on three offences. For offences against officials, crimes of damage and the theft of at least five tonnes of oranges – a tonne and a half of which have been recovered.

The arrests took place in Orihuela, after the Guardia Civil were tipped off that the stolen oranges were hidden in a zone of scrub and cane. A surveillance device was installed which confirmed the tip off and officers then managed to surprise the two men just as they were loading the oranges in two vans.

Upon realising they had been caught, the men attempted to escape in one of the vans. The Guardia Civil had already foreseen this happening and cut the men short a few metres, although they did not give up and resisted arrest, attacking officers. Officers finally put the men on the floor after receiving several blows to the head.

After investigating the origin of the oranges, Team ROCA agents verified that they had been stolen from an agricultural estate located in Abanilla (Murcia). The team returned more than 1,500 kilos of the oranges to their rightful owner.

The two vans used by the men have also been seized.

In Pego, the Guardia Civil have arrested a 26-year-old man for stealing 1,300 kilos of oranges from a farm and also for possession of false documents, which he had intended to use to sell the oranges on.

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