Spain’s Eurovision star for 2017


THIS YEAR’S Eurovision Song Contest is not taking place until May but is already causing controversy here in Spain.

‘Do It For Your Lover’ by Manel Navarro was selected as the Spanish Eurovision entry as the national final took place at the VAV studios in Leganés in February.

20-year-old Navarro tied with popular choice Mirela who sang in Spanish as opposed to Navarro who sang in English.

Three celebrity judges announced their points before the public vote was added to provide the result. Two of the judges put Navarro first and hot favourite Mirela last, while the third judge placed Mirela first and Navarro third.

Loud booing and complaining could be heard from the audience throughout the broadcast as it was announced that the Spanish public had placed Mirela first and Navarro third, repealing the deficit and resulting in a tie on 58 points each.

Given the tie result, judges cast a vote to decide which act would win and go forward as Spain’s Eurovision entry with Navarro coming out on top.

An abundant number of audience members walked out before Navarro could reprise his song. He was noticeably shaken by the backlash, gesturing to the crowd before apologising after the show.

As if the disappointment from the Spanish public was not enough, the result has caused further drama after an apparent friendship on Twitter between judges Xavi Martinez and Navarro emerged.

Xavi had given his maximum 12 points to Navarro and put Mirela in last place, enough to prevent Mirela from victory.

While The Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE) stand by the decision, stating that rules were clear before the show, following widespread public backlash across Spain, Deputy for Toledo, Jose Miguel Camacho is now insisting on an inquiry.

Could Spain be forced to reverse the result?

Eurovision 2017 will take place in the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, Ukraine, following Ukraine’s victory at the 2016 contest in Stockholm.

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