Spanish foodies 30 per cent more adventurous than Brits


THE MOST adventurous in Europe for trying unfamiliar foods

Consumers in Italy and Spain are among the most adventurous in Europe for trying unfamiliar foods, with much of Scandinavia and the UK lagging behind, according to research from travel company Expedia.

In a survey of 14 major Western European markets, it found that more than 90 per cent people in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France were ‘open-minded’ to trying new foods when travelling abroad. That compares to less than 60 per cent in both Finland and the UK, propping up the list.

Norway was the most adventurous Scandinavian country – 81 per cent of respondents said that they would eat something for the first time while travelling – but in general the Scandinavian countries, as well as Ireland and Belgium, all performed poorly.
Alex Platts, commercial director of Northern Europe for Brand Expedia, said: ‘Our survey highlighted that the UK is far below the average and showed the least willingness to try new food of all 14 of the countries studied.

‘Perhaps this means that Brits know what they like and are content to stick to it, but it also could point to them feeling a little hesitant or struggling to know how to broaden our horizons.
‘There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like and keeping to it but there is also a world of food out there to be experienced and enjoyed, and we want to help as many people discover it.’
Despite the results, Expedia found that one-third of Brits were influenced by food when deciding where to travel on holiday.

Travellers from the UK, the study found, were more likely to experiment with Spanish and Italian cuisine than less familiar food cultures, such as Japanese or Vietnamese.

They were also more likely to be satisfied with the quality of restaurant service in their home country: despite its reputation, Brits voted the quality of table service in their own country the second best in Europe, beaten only by Italy.

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