Spanish Stuttering Foundation AGM in Alicante


THE AUDITORIUM of the San Juan Complex of Alicante will play host this weekend to the Annual General Meeting of the Spanish Stuttering Foundation.

The meeting brings together over a hundred people from all over Spain each year and is one of the highlights of the foundation’s calendar.

The event consists of one workshop each day over two consecutive days.

The first workshop invites members to relate to each other, share experiences and interact with others who possess the same ‘communication barriers’.

The second workshop will open its doors to professionals in speech therapy and psychology, as well as various political and cultural personalities of the City of Alicante.

The Spanish Foundation Stuttering is a non-profit organisation founded in 2002. Its mission is to help all those who stutter to try to improve their quality of life.

In Spain, more than 800,000 people stutter, but stuttering still remains ‘an unjustified reason for social and labour exclusion,’ according to the organisation.

‘We are frequently excluded in job interviews, even though we are fully trained and prepared, only and exclusively because we need a little more time to speak. Such events end up causing social and occupational isolation.’

In many cases ‘there are problems of social anxiety, fear of public speaking, withdrawal, we stop talking to people, we have difficulty making friends, etc.’

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