Storm damage repair work in Calpe


FOLLOWING THE widespread damage caused by the storms in January, the General Director of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea has initiated the emergency actions for repair work to begin on the cliffs of Borumbot, of the Arenal beach and Calalga in Calpe.

The works around Calaga will be complete before Easter and those of the Arenal beach at the end of May.

Triples torsion meshes will cover the cliffs of the Arenal beach, measuring 323 metres in length with cable networks to prevent detachment at the top of the cliff.

The deteriorated mesh currently covering the cliffs at Calaga will be replaced with the same triple torsion variety measuring 90 metres long.

Both actions, which are part of the Coastal Plan 2017, have been necessary for a long time due to the natural erosion of the cliffs, however the impact of the storms has called for its immediate repair.

Sand will also be distributed across the Arenal beach given the loss of sand that came with the storm.

The Ministry of Environment will allocate 3.65million€ to recover the affected beaches in the province of Alicante by the storms in January.

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