Superheroes help save Monteagudo


MONTEAGUDO, a famous landmark on the outskirts of Murcia City with a castle fortress sitting atop a mountain, visible for kilometres around, is the focus of a new exhibition promoted by the City’s Antonio Díaz Bautista Cultural Association.

The exhibition aims to show the beauty of the Monteagudo castle from different perspectives and at different times of the day and has commisioned 21 photographers and 16 painters to make their interpretation.

The inaugural collaboration was with Marvel artist Salva Espin, whose work was based on a group of superheroes coming to reclaim the castle and its surroundings. His photos showed various famous characters such as Lobezno, Catwoman, Julie Andrews or The Avengers fighting for the cause with the fortress in the background.

His images caused a Twitter storm when he posted them under the hashtag #SalvemosMonteagudo

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