Time is our most precious commodity


YEARS of research has found that spending money on an experience – concert tickets, a surfing trip, even a simple meal with friends, is much more likely to make us happier than buying a fancy car or property. Deep down, we know this already… Our brains get bored with possessions, but we never tire of telling stories about our lives. Time truly is our most precious commodity.

When you opt to spend your money on experiences instead of ‘things’, you essentially get double the value – the anticipation beforehand and memories afterward. Even if it turns out to be not quite as fun as previously imagined, you will inevitably adapt and turn it into a humorous story or a character – building episode.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to get lasting value out of your disposable income, whether you have a long weekend or seven days to explore.

If you have a long weekend:

Treat yourself to a delicious meal. The promenades along the municipalities of both the Marina Alta and the Marina Baixa are littered with hundreds of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets and the region is constantly recognised for its gastronomical efforts. Check out TripAdvisor before you go for reviews and recommendations.

Give your body a break. For a natural spa experience, why not head to the Valencia hot springs? Explore the blue lagoon with its pristine water – if you stay still the fish will even come and give you a free pedicure!

If you have seven days:

It is possible to effortlessly fuse city, coast and mountains on a road trip across Southern Spain. A quick Google search with throw up some great routes which you can adapt to suit.

Give back to the community – check out www.workaway.info and get involved in a cultural exchange. The list of opportunities is endless and Workaway provides the perfect environment to meet new people.

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