Tons of sand to protect a private beach stall


TONS OF Sand have been moved along an Orihuela beach by local government to add protection to a private company.

The Cambiemos de Orihuela formation has again publicly denounced the fact that tons of sand have been moved from the city’s beaches to protect privately owned beach bars by the sea. The events occurred during the storms of December 2016 and January 2017 plus again last week, when a tractor moved the sand along the beach to help avoid damage to the facility.

The group has asked for an explanation from the government team of Emilio Bascuñana (PP) as they would like to know if permission was given by the government to carry out such actions and if so, if such actions were undertaken with municipal means, to benefit the company, ‘Chiringuitos del sol’.

Cambiemos recalled that in the January plenary session, the government team was asked about the situation that was taking place on the coast of Orihuela and said that it seemed alarming to them. “During the successive storms that have taken place, the beaches that have beach bars throughout the year, have been artificially altered in order to protect the private facilities of the company awarded the seasonal services. Thus, on the beach of La Zenia, at a time when the wind and waves were so large that they went several meters into the street causing serious damage to our public space, a tractor-shovel was redistributed tons of sand from the beach to build a ‘fort’, to protect the bars.”

During their speech at the plenary, the councillor of the Costas, Infrastructures and Urban Solid Waste was alerted to the situation. “We asked them if the tractor was municipal property, ie if they were public resources that were being used in the private interest or if it had been the company that had sent the tractor and shovel, and if so, what actions were going to be taken. The government said: ‘We were told that they had no record of this situation and that they would have to inquire about the matter.’ Since then, we have received no answer to our question.”

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