Two days to clear flooded areas of San Juan beach


THE City Council of Alicante have estimated that 20,000 cubic meters of water collected across Avenida Niza and Avenida Costa Blanca near San Juan beach between Sunday and Tuesday.

Firefighters, who continued on Wednesday evening to drain the 20 million litres of water, have confirmed the exercise would take another two days to complete.

As of Wednesday evening, of the five buildings affected by the flooding, water had been cleared from two and the draining exercise continued in the others.

The enormity of the exercise was realised by residents of one of the buildings after they initially took to the task themselves, working all day and night only to reduce the water level by 20 centimetres.

Many residents of the buildings made the decision to pack up their belongings and stay with friends or family earlier this week, as apartments were (and some continue to be) without light or water.

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