Villa Joyosa develops a local burn plan


VILLA JOYOSA develops a local burn plan to protect its mountains.

The Department of Environment at the Town Council of La Villa Joyosa has developed the ‘Local Plan of Burns’, which aims to protect the mountains and natural environment of the municipality against forest fires and which will be approved in the next plenary.

This plan has been prepared following the guidelines set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development and with the consensus of the Municipal Agrarian Council.

The document regulates activities that require fire within its scope of application, which is the entire municipality of La Vila Joyosa. These activities include agricultural burnings, forest fires, livestock or hunting, bonfires in camping or recreational areas and remains of gardening and pyrotechnics.

Burning may take place:

16th October – 31st May, between sunrise and 11.00am. Monday to Saturday only.

1st June – 15th October, on the first and third Wednesdays of June, July, August and September and the first Wednesday of October until 10.00am.

1st June – 15th October, burning is prohibited between these dates except in correspondence with the dates and times aforementioned.

The plan prohibits ignition of fires, barbecues or paellas in the municipal area, aside from in zones conditioned for it. Individuals can deposit the remains of gardening at the municipal Ecopark.

The Conselleria will hold the authority required to authorise forest fires, cattle, hunting and cañeras.

All persons authorised to carry out fires must follow the regulations of this plan, which directs that the fire should be monitored until it is extinguished. The fire area should be conditioned thereafter by cleaning of scrub and scrubland. All agricultural fires should take place at a distance of at least 50 meters from the forest or forest vegetation, except those burned in summer that should take place at a distance of 200 meters.

Fires will not be authorised by the City Council, requests should be made to the Conselleria.

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