Waffles for Cancer


AS PART of the fundraising campaign for the AECC through the local initiative Rock Against Cancer, you are invited to the very first Waffles for Cancer.

This fun event is being organised by Kjetil Hambe from Expo Torrevieja and The Local Touch plus Neil Watt from Monroe’s Rock Cafe, who raise funds for the AECC through Rock Against Cancer.

Next Friday, March 31st, a team from the Norwegian Church in Torrevieja will be making their famous Norwegian waffles on Torrevieja’s seafront, opposite the Monument for the Old Man Of The Sea, at the Namm Cafe. For a small donation to Rock Against Cancer, you can enjoy a waffle, or a choice of tea cakes or cinnamon rolls, provided by Moritz Bakery from the Scandinavian Centre, in Torrevieja.

Kristin and Ståle Soltvedt have more than 30 years experience in baking bread and making cakes, here in Spain and back in their native Norway. Moritz Bakery has now been open for 14 years in Torrevieja and they specialise in baking daily fresh bread, especially Norwegian bread, which if you haven’t tried you should, as it is tastier than normal bread. Kristin explained that: “it is the flour that makes the difference, the normal flour available here in Spain is weaker, which is why Spanish bread goes stale after one day, where as Norwegian bread lasts longer without any preservatives.” Moritz have donated 300 tea cakes and cinnamon rolls to the event.

Every Sunday the Norwegian Church serves up hundreds of Norwegian waffles to one and all who attend services or stop by. They prepare their own special waffle mix, which produces a light and fluffy waffle, perfect as a sweet pastry and available at the event. You pick whatever donation you’d like to give and if you wish to sit down and enjoy a coffee or a dink, that’s also great value, as from next Friday, the Namm Cafe starts their Friday afternoon Happy Hour, so drinks are all specially priced from the start of the event at 3:00pm, until 6:00pm Friday evening. Stop by and support Waffles Against Cancer next Friday at Namm & Gastronomic, Av. De Libertad No. 9, Torrevieja or call for directions from 965 71 31 20 or email Kjetil: [email protected].

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