When the cat’s away


IF YOU  think a week is a long time try a year. As soon as I turn my attention to pressing matters a new U.S President is elected.

In 1978, American balladeer Kris Kristofferson penned the lyrics of his song, ‘Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends.’ I wonder, did Chief Revolutionary George Soros, wannabe President Hillary Clinton and mainstream media sing the words of this plaintive melody on hearing of Trump’s triumph?

An American pundit says he cannot win; “Before the elections I was called a racist bigot for criticising the President. I am now a racist bigot for supporting the President.”
We are living in the Age of Hypocrisy so get used to it; stuff happens. But, let us not to be too quick to smirk. Things are more surrealistic in Goldman Sachs Occupied Europe (GSOE).

Whilst we are pre-occupied by lurid press reports of an aggressive and expansionist Russia our minds are taken off the aggressive and expansionist Third World currently invading the European Union.
EU industrialists and its agricultural sector pray for an end to anti-Russian sanctions. Meanwhile, their smirking counterparts in Vladimir Putin’s Russia pray for the economic blockade being continued. As a consequence of the trade embargo Russia has become richer and more self-sufficient.

Such is the arrogance of the EU’s un-elected political elite that Brussels cannot concede that their sanctions strategy has failed. In fact it has been such an epic fail I wouldn’t be surprised if EU Commissioners were in the pockets of Russia’s State Duma (Parliament).
Is there a solution? Such is the hubris of the EU’s two un-elected Presidents and its 22 Commissioners they will not capitulate. Instead, they will turn a blind eye whilst the fed-up EU nations furtively return to trading with Russia and get on with ring-fencing their indigenous ethnic communities.

One day the penny will drop; the greatest threat to 508 million peoples of the splintering European Union comes not from Moscow but from Brussels and Washington DC.

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