Where is the Apple iCar?


ONE giant apple-shaped elephant in the showroom is the heavily anticipated, inevitable and yet shrouded in mystery arrival of tech giant Apple into the motoring industry.

There has been no official statement of intent from the Silicon Valley masterminds behind the iPhone over whether an iCar is on the horizon any time soon but the suspicions of potential competitors are certainly being aroused. Apple has already poached more than 1,000 engineers from top firms in the motoring world, including former Aston Martin and Tesla brainiac Chris Porritt.

It has bought several enormous sites in California and Germany for research and development and registered the domain names apple.car and apple.auto and has reportedly been in talks to buy McLaren.

What impact an iCar has on the motoring market is impossible to tell but its likely rivals will not be traditional manufacturing powerhouses like BMW and Audi. Instead it’s enormous
hundred billion dollar plus budget will probably be aimed squarely at competitors in the tech world, namely Google and Tesla.

Given Apple’s niche is innovation the iCar will almost certainly be a self-driving electric vehicle with a groundbreaking infotainment system linked through the Cloud to other gadgets such as its iPhone and Mac computer.

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