Winds in Denia hospitalise man


LATE on Friday night, the City of Denia announced that the Germanor Sopar event scheduled to take place in Torrecremada park on Saturday evening was to be suspended after the strong gales earlier that evening destroyed the event tent, with a worker, Vicent Ivars, 57, being struck by one of the iron rods. 

Ivars, who is a member of the Local Fallera Board, was taken to Denia hospital by ambulance after the tent collapsed, unable to withstand the unexpected winds.

He is said to have made his way to his van in search of tools when an initial gust of wind blew sand into his eyes and blinded him, he then crouched down, felt a strong blow on the back and fell to the ground.

Ivars has suffered a broken shoulder blade.

Another worker suffered a blow to the head but without consequences.

The tent itself was completely shattered, with part of it having moved almost forty meters. The force of the wind tore off the asphalt anchors and knocked down tables and chairs that were ready to host 1066 falleros and falleras on Saturday.

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