Woman dies in 40 metre fall


A WOMAN who was studying the caves in the Molló de la Creu de Gandia died on Sunday afternoon as she rushed through a 40 metre deep gulf.

The woman fell after a slope subsided at her feet and was dragged down the gulf known as the Pou de l’abisme, in Marxuqera (Gandia). She was studying as part of a group and her peers contacted 112 at approximately 15.20 hours on Sunday and directed them to the area – about 40 minutes by footpath from the foot of a hill.

Three commandos, eight firefighters, two rescuers and two fire engines participated in the rescue, which was complicated as the area itself is difficult to access. The body of the victim was finally rescued on Sunday night but could not be evacuated due to the risks to those involved in the operation. The emergency services confirmed that it would wait for daylight to complete the operation by helicopter and two rescue workers of the Consorcio Provincial de Valencia remained next to the body.

When emergency services arrived at the scene on Monday morning, the victim was showing no vital signs.

The pit or pou de l’abisme is a cave located in the eastern part of the Molló de la Creu, in the Serra de la Falconera. It has several slopes, with two wells, one at 15 metres deep and another at 40 metres deep, which is where the victim is said to have fallen. The numerous slopes and difficult track of the cave makes it advisable to have the correct materials and knowledge of speleology to walk through it.



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