Young man killed in Polop stabbed a dozen times in his bed


THE victim had a history of drug trafficking and investigators believe the murder could have been motivated by crime.

The young man killed in Polop received up to a dozen stabs while he slept in his bed, the autopsy results and investigations carried out by the Guardia Civil have found.

The body of the victim, approximately 30-years-old and of Spanish nationality, was found last Thursday inside an apartment. A relative of the victim had gotten in touch with the police after not being able to find/ speak to the victim for several days.

The victim came from Granada, where the rest of his family live and had been living in the apartment in Polop where he was found for about a month. He had made little to no connection with neighbours in the town, who, after hearing the news, revealed to police they did not know who he was.

The body of the victim had suffered a dozen stab wounds, including a deep cut in the neck that is reported to be the main cause of death. The body was discovered lying on the floor of the room next to the bed, where there was a large pool of blood. For this reason, investigators are led to believe that the victim was sleeping when first attacked; there were also no obvious signs of defense found.

Although on Friday it was reported that the weapon used in the attack had been found inside the house, it was later reported that this is not the case and the investigations now focus on locating it in order to aid identification of the murderer.

The Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Moragues told the media that the victim had a criminal record for drug trafficking and that everything points to a possible settlement of accounts as motive for the crime. Moragues, however, pointed out that, although this is one of the main lines of research, all hypotheses will be kept open in order to obtain any new information.

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