A quarter of Brits still in touch with their first kiss


ALMOST A quarter of British adults are still in touch with the person they shared their FIRST kiss with, but there is a very good chance their partner does not know about it – according to new research.

Researchers surveyed people in relationships and discovered 23 per cent are still in contact with their first flame, with 24 per cent keeping in touch openly via social media.

However, a more secretive 20 per cent admitted their other half knows absolutely nothing about communications with an old flame – with one in ten preferring to talk privately to former lovers via email, text or WhatsApp.

The poll of 2,000 adults by lip care gel brand, lipivir, found that the average Brit has kissed seven people in the past that their partner knows absolutely nothing about.

A further 23 per cent say they have friends in their current social circle who they have got up close and personal with in the past – but their current partner is unaware anything happened between them.

Of the married respondents, there were TWO people at their wedding who they have kissed (once or more in their past) – with the average Brit kissing 26 people in their lifetime.

Psychologist Donna Dawson commented on the findings; ‘Our first meaningful kiss sets the template for all kisses to come, especially if we are highly attracted to that person. Chemicals in the saliva of both kissers help the couple to bond even closer.

‘The experience will be further deepened by our own anticipation of it and all future romantic kisses will be compared to it. This initial ‘bonding’ is never forgotten and neither is the person kissed. You may be in another relationship further down the line, but those lingering chemical bonds may tempt you to get back in touch.’

The study showed 53 per cent of Brits have kissed someone in their past they shouldn’t have, with a work colleague emerging as the person we’re most likely to have an illicit snog with (47 per cent), followed by 19 per cent of people who have kissed their partner’s best friend, while a further 10 per cent have kissed their boss.

A shameless 2 per cent even admitted to kissing their mother or father-in-law while a further 45 per cent of people polled often think back fondly to their most perfect kiss.

19 per cent of Brits say they are still Facebook friends with their worst ever kiss, while five per cent say they are still with them.

66 per cent of those polled said that the kiss put them off being friends for life and no longer have anything to do with them.

42 per cent of people say they remember their worst ever kiss like it was yesterday, with 52 per cent of people saying it was horrendous because their partner was slobbery, while 33 per cent said they used too much tongue and 21 per cent said their date had bad breath.

26 per cent said fresh breath was essential, 20 per cent said having their faced touched was a massive turn on, while 19 per cent said it was important that their partner closed their eyes and 17 per cent said soft skin was a must.

A cold sore emerged as the number one thing to Brits off kissing someone (75 per cent), followed by a runny nose (71 per cent), chapped lips 50 per cent and crooked teeth 36 per cent.

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