Alicante province had 119 accidents involving minors riding two-wheel modes of transport last year


FIGURES RELEASED this week reveal the Alicante region recorded 119 accidents last year involving minors, aged 17 and under, riding two-wheel modes of transport.

The largest group of accidents involved mopeds driven by youngsters aged between 15 and 17. These figures sat at 62%, followed by those involving bikes, then motorcycles.

The data was provided by Government spokesperson Juan Carlos Moragues, who spoke at length about safety issues regarding two wheel transport, to a group of over 100 children and young adults at the Sacred Hearts Marists School in Alicante.

Moragues explained to the audience that 10% of the recorded accidents resulted in hospitalisation for the victim.

In his road safety lecture, he stressed the importance of wearing a helmet at all times when riding on two wheels, giving his audience stark figures that prove if a driver riding on two wheels, travelling at a speed of 30km per hour were to have an accident, the risk of them dying in the collision is a frightening 98%.

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