Altea on TV


BUSINESS PEOPLE in Altea will be the stars of a new TV programme which starts filming in the town next month.

UpNow Costa Blanca have already produced programmes promoting other towns and aspects of life in the region, including two documentaries on near neighbours Benidorm and Albir last year.

Now Danish producers, Torben Thoger and Natalia Hansson are set to focus their camera on the traditional town of Altea.

The aim of the programme is to promote the town as a place to visit and live and is aimed at the wider international community.

The Altea TV documentary will be aired on international and local TV Channels reaching a potential audience of 50.000 International residents and visitors.

UpNow Costa Blanca will also promote the film to the hundreds of thousands of international viewers interested in the Costa Blanca via online channels.

The idea behind the highly successful documentaries is to feature human interest stories involving the people who live in Altea and have their businesses in the town.

The producers want to know what makes Altea such a special place to live and work in and why people from other countries are happy to settle and call the town their home.

Natalia and Torben are looking for 20 local businesses to feature in the film and enrollment for participants is from April 18 to April 28.

Previous documentaries in the producers series have so far reached over half a million local and international viewers on Social media in just eight months, so the couple are expecting to fill the Altea slots very quickly.

Anyone interested in taking part in the programme should visit the company’s website for full details or email Natalie at [email protected].

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