Benidorm centre to get new roundabout


BENIDORM CITY Council have been given the green light to a new roundabout which will be built to help traffic flow on the Avenida de Mediterraneo before the start of summer 2018.

Head of Public Works, José Ramón González de Zárate, confirmed that the roundabout will be constructed on the junction with Avenida castello, towards the Rincon de Loix end of the dual carriageway, Avenida de Mediterraneo which runs parallel to the Levante beachfront.

The work is expected to cost in the region of 75,000€, however this money will not come out of the city budget as it will be paid for by the ALSA transport concessionaire in a reciprocal agreement with the Municipal council.

In turn for full payment for the construction work of the project, the council have agreed that ALSA can also erect a new bus stop on the Avenida de Mediterraneo, close to the new roundabout, to be used by buses on their busy Benidorm to Madrid route.

This will be an additional stop off point for the buses, either before or after they stop for picking up and dropping off at the main Benidorm bus station on the outskirts of the city.

De Zárate pointed out that “this roundabout has been much sought after by public transport services, both urban buses and taxis, as it will give fluidity to the traffic of the Mediterranean Avenue allowing the vehicles to make a change of direction.”

Currently traffic wishing to turn into Avenida Castello at this point of the road are required to proceed to the end of Avenida de mediterraneo to its junction with Avenida Atmella del Mar, before making a U-turn.

The councillor also confirmed that resurfacing work on the stretch of Avenida de Mediterraneo between Avenidas Europa and Atmella de mar will also go ahead before the start of next summer.

However, he explained the cost of work on the project, which will also include resurfacing of the pavements either side, will be paid for from city funds.

De Zarate, detailed that the works “will focus on the stretch between the avenues of Europa and Atmella del Mar. This stretch corresponds to the second phase of the remodeling of the Mediterranean Avenue, where it is expected to act in the next legislature “

Whilst he admitted that work on the first phase between Avenida Europa and Plaza Triangular was rushed, he explained that intended to wait for the next phase: ”We want to start at the end of this year. ” he said, adding that: “included in the budget proposals is work to eliminate the multiple bumps and irregularities that the roadway presents currently, that hinder the safe passage of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians”.

“We will also serve to renew the stretches of sidewalk that are more deteriorated, avoiding pitfalls for pedestrians and the consequent claims of responsibility to the City council.”

The construction of the roundabout will coincide with the resurfacing work, in order to reduce traffic congestion and is expected to last in the region of three weeks.

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