Brits tell fibs to appear more cultured


MILLIONS OF BRITS have claimed to have visited a place they have never been to, enjoyed a book they’ve never read – or eaten food they secretly can’t stand, in a bid to appear more “cultured”, according to a new study.

Researchers carried out a study into cultural experiences and revealed the hilarious exaggerations Britons tell to appear more interesting, better-travelled and more worldly wise.

According to the survey, four in ten Brits claimed to have watched a film they’ve never seen, while around one in five (19 per cent) have overplayed their interest in politics in a bid to impress their peers.

Meanwhile, 21 per cent have fibbed about where they have been in the world – with New Zealand, New York, Australia and Rome emerging as popular places we’ve never been to.

A similar number (17 per cent) have given the impression to their family and friends that they are more into ‘cool’ music than they actually are.

There are even a handful of people who’ve gone as far as to be economical with the truth when the topic of plays, operas and arthouse films crop up.

The study of almost 2,000 people by MSC Cruises UK, found another 29 per cent make out that they are ‘foodies’ to their friends, family and colleagues – suggesting they regularly dine on oysters, quinoa and sushi – when in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Other popular pretends include joining in discussions about famous pieces of literature we’ve never actually read (17 per cent).

A further 35 per cent claim they would consider a cruise to a destination such as the Mediterranean or Caribbean in a bid to appear more cultured.

Despite the penchant for a bit of ‘spin’ from time to time to boost our social status the study found most Brits do get their fair share of culture.

According to the data the average Brit typically reads 16 books a year, will enjoy a fine dining experience on nine occasions and will watch 27 documentaries.

On top of that they visit the theatre four times a year, watch seven independent films and visit four countries or cities.

Top 20 places Brits claim to have visited

1. New Zealand
2. New York
3. Australia
4. Rome
5. Paris
6. Iceland
7. Cuba
8. Brazil
9. Venice
10. Jamaica
11. Moscow
12. Dubai
13. Milan
14. Barcelona
15. Morocco
16. Berlin
17. Miami
18. Florence
19. Ibiza
20. Sri Lanka

Top 20 foods Brits claim to like

1. Sushi
2. Dark chocolate
3. Rare steak
4. Quinoa
5. Oysters
6. Craft ales
7. Smelly cheese
8. Hot chillies
9. Avocado
10. Granola
11. Raw Vegetables
12. Sweetbreads
13. Kale
14. Korean food
15. Kimchi
16. Sashimi
17. Courgetti
18. Rye Bread
19. Bowl food (Congee)
20. Aged meat

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