Children evacuated from Benalua school


PARENTS OF the public school, Benalua, collected their children yesterday after a cloud of white powder – later confirmed as sodium carbonate – arrived from the Port.

Residents were concerned as the dust – blown up from the port by the wind – had already reached the buildings and many cars.

At least 12 five-year-old children were collected from the school by their parents.

The City Council did not close the school, despite the attendance of agents from the Autonomous Police and the Civil Protection Nature Protection Service.

The incident was caused by an emission of sodium carbonate from pier 13 at the Port. The operation came to stand for a few hours but in the early afternoon activity returned to normal.

Felipe Fuster, spokesman for Port d’Alacant and responsible for the operation, stressed that the sodium carbonate being discharged at pier 13 was harmless and that the operation was stopped until the wind settled.

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