Community action to protect Javea from forest fires


THE FIRST action to take place as part of the City of Javea’s Local Forest Fire Prevention Plan was announced last week.

The Local Police, in coordination with the techincal team of Medi XXI, are preparing an information campaign to provide residents with guidance on how to protect themselves and their homes in the event of a forest fire.

The campaign – of particular importance for those living in integrated areas in agroforestry lands – will not only address permanent residents but also those who rent properties in the holiday season. The city have stressed that all must be aware that they are within real risk of fire and should be well prepared to face it should it arise.

A guide is currently being drafted with basic instructions (from preventive gardening recommendations to advice on how to improve safety in case of emergency) along with a questionnaire so that residents can easily assess the level of protection their home would afford against a hypothetical fire and thus know what measures to apply to improve safety.

The collateral will be distributed by local estate agencies and a programme of talks will be scheduled for residents.

In the city council meeting of last week – attended by excursionist clubs, security corporations and firefighting volunteers – all insisted upon the importance of raising awareness of the ‘shared community responsibility’ in protecting the municipality from the effects of forest fires.

The environmental advisory firm assisting with the campaign explained that it is now in the phase of collecting data (studying the latest fires and detecting the areas of highest risk) in order to be able to design the most effective guide.

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