Denia, Calpe and Javea reduce unemployment by a mere 4% in 12 months


DESPITE THE undisputed efforts of their town councils, in the last 12 months, none of the three large municipalities in the region have seen much of a reduction in their unemployment figures.

The macroeconomic figures of both the Central Government and the Generalitat are extremely positive – showing economic recovery in the labour market.

However, data collected by Servef shows that Denia, Calpe and Javea – despite being the most inhabited municipalities on the Marina Alta and also the most visited by tourists – have barely seen a dent in their unemployment figures.

Comparing Servef figures of March last year and March this year, the three municipalities have averaged a reduction in unemployment of only four per cent.
Denia saw the highest drop in unemployment figures at 8.1 per cent, however it has the highest number of unemployed residents in absolute terms – 4,201 in March 2016 and 3,858 this year.

In Calpe and Javea, the downturn in unemployment is still very much stagnant.

Calpe recorded 1,612 unemployed residents in March 2016 and 1,570 this year whilst Javea recorded 1,727 in March 2016 and 1,691 this year.

These figures come although Semana Santa fell in March this year – which suggests had it have fallen in April, the figures would have been even worse.

Despite all the efforts of the respective town councils to stabilise employment over the past 12 months – Denia was awarded its ‘Gastronomic City’ status and implemented an employment plan,

Javea whole-heartedly embraced environmental and cultural tourism and Calpe campaigned to attract European winter tourists – the offices are left with little option but to head back to their drawing boards to look for further economic alternatives.

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