Derelict Benidorm hotel to get a clean up


WITH ITS stylish facade and balconies overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean, it attracted discerning visitors from all over Europe, attracted by its facilities and central location close to beach and town.

However, once it became a little faded and outdated, rather than reform the hotel, the owners decided to close it ten years ago.

Throughout the intervening years the building sat empty and unloved, a fading reminder of its glamourous past until a fire in October 2015 rendered severe damage to the building’s infrastructure, which caused major safety issues and enforced evacuation for 75 neighbouring residents.

These days, the burnt out shell of the Selomar is covered in tarpaulins and sheeting, a sad blot on the landscape of the Benidorm Levante Beach.

Despite several requests to the owners of the Hotel from Benidorm City Hall, no renovation or safety work has been undertaken, so in February they threatened to carry out the work themselves and charge the owners with the repair bill.

In March the local government decided to suspend the decree of sanction that the Urban department had given until the end of the hotel’s license expired.

This allowed them to begin work on the building to improve safety and ensure the facade of the hotel remains in keeping with other buildings surrounding it. Work has already begun on the project and should be completed by the end of May.

Documents released by the City Hall reveal plans for the work will focus not only on improving the safety of the building but will also concentrate on the facades, ground floor and balconies.

Almost 2,000 square metres of existing tarpaulins will be removed from the three facades, 122 linear metres of metal canopy and another 122 of metallic fencing in the ground floor will also be disposed of.

The works will also include improvement work on the ground floor pillars and false ceiling, plus, painting and a cleaning of the porch.

In addition rails on the second floor are to be removed and replaced with cantilevered metal balconies and terraces and then painted.

The seafront facade will also be revised with the removal of furniture from the balconies and removal of fire damaged items. Similar work will be conducted on the rear of the property and to the pavement which suffered damage in the fire.

Although the renovation work will not return the Selomar Hotel to its glory days, it will ensure its safety to passers-by, and improve on its unsightly, current appearance.

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