€940,000 public works plan for Javea


THE CITY of Javea has announced a series of public works that will be implemented before the end of the year and to which have been allocated a total investment of €940,000.

The four urban improvement projects span three residential areas: the town, the port and the Arenal, alongside an extensive asphalt plan.

Paco Torres, the Urban Escena Councilor has confirmed that with a budget of €200,000, Calle Cervantes – the raised road on a wall parallel to Avinguda d’Alacant – will see substantial redevelopment. Pipes and sanitation networks will be renewed, a new lighting system will be installed and new asphalting will be laid.

With a budget of €109,000, Avenida Lepanto is the Duanes area will see improvements by the way of new paving and a rearrangement of the parking lot to facilitate the creation of 20 new spaces.

Along the Arenal with a budget of €148,000, the section of Avenida del Pla which covers Javea Park (the eastern pavement from the roundabout of the Tennis Club to the new roundabout) will have its pavements widened to two metres and a redevelopment of the public parking will also take place.

A total of €430,000 has been budgeted for the asphalt plan and areas to be asphalted are yet to be confirmed.

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