Fake breathalyser claim on social media


WARNINGS HAVE been issued, regarding confusing claims circulating on social media pages and expat forums regarding mandatory breathalyser kits being required by all drivers in Spain.

The information circling suggests it is now mandatory to carry portable breathalyser kits in all cars in Spain and failure to adhere to the rules will result in arrest and prosecution.

The claims are in fact totally false. There is no legal requirement in Spain for motorists to carry the kits in their car, so consequently, no arrest can be made for failure to carry them.

Police sources in the country have confirmed that there are currently no plans in place to implement the rule.

It appears the adverts, rumours and warnings are all a scam designed to lead people to a website where fake news reports and falsified statements claim the kits are a legal requirement.

Viewers of the website are then encouraged to purchase a breathalyser kit direct from the supplier at a discount price.

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