Fighting the flames in Elche


A FIRE broke out in a design warehouse in Elche on Monday after a machinery fault caused sparks to fly.

The warehouse, which stores tonnes of cardboard, could have been at serious risk had its employees not intervened, immediately working together to extinguish the flames before the firefighters arrived at the scene.

‘To intervene in time to avoid a catastrophe and to know how to react is essential to avoid chaos,’ said the Coordinator for Training and Prevention of the Provincial Consortium of Firemen, Raimundo Tomas.

It is standard health and safety protocol for several employees (depending on the company size) to be trained to manage emergency procedures, enabling them to minimise risk before emergency personnel arrive at the scene. These employees are usually equipped with helmets, flame-retardant jackets and masks to help them breathe and attend a course where they learn to use fire extinguishers and other tools such as fire hydrants.

‘Firefighters collaborate with companies in prevention plans and training, drills and evacuation exercises,’ said Tomas.

The Provincial Consortium of Firemen started carrying out training with companies in 2008. ‘If there are proper prevention measures in place, it is highly unlikely that an incident will occur – however, if an incident does occur, it is important employees know how to react’ explained the Training and Prevention Coordinator.

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