Four tonne ‘super shark’ landed in Calpe


AN EIGHT metre long Peregrine shark, on record as the fastest swimming shark species found in the oceans of the world, was landed in Calpe harbour by the Espercal fishing boat last Wednesday April 26.

The fish, also known also known as the short fin Mako shark, was caught by the fishing boat from the Calpe fleet approximately 16 nautical miles off the coast of the Costa Blanca.

The shark, which weighed over four tonnes proved difficult for the fisherman to land owing to its weight and the fact it became trapped in the silt on the sea bed of the harbour.

The body of the dead shark will remain with the Calpe port authorities until technical specialists from the Valencia department of Oceanography arrive on scene to examine the corpse and perform an autopsy.

The Peregrine shark is not a common sight in the Mediterranean, normally preferring more tropical waters and is rarely spotted above 90 metres of depth.

It is however, capable of speeds up to 18 metres per second or 42 miles per hour.

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