Gandia climbers rescued from 70-metre wall of Segaria


TWO EXPERIENCED climbers from Gandia were trapped on Monday night in a 70-metre wall of the Segaria mountain in Ondara.

The climbers knew the route well however learnt that they did not have enough rope for a safe descent.

At 10.15pm, they alerted emergency services that they were trapped on a stone ledge.

Five firefighters, a corporal and a sergeant, arrived from the fire station in Denia, along with two from the Cocentaina and Benidorm parks. The Guardia Civil and the local police of Ondara and Beniarbeig also took part in the operation.

The climbers made light signals to assist the firefighters in locating them on the stone wall. They had taken a route accessed from the top of the Segaria mountain.

The firemen secured the descent and the climbers went down by foot. The operation was completed just after midnight.

Sources from the Provincial Consortium of Firemen have emphasised that the climbers were not reckless but on the contrary, were smart to ask for help in their descent to prevent any further risks.

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