Horoscope – week commencing 27 April


Aries: The entry of Venus brings about a reconciliation with a partner and it will help to re establish better relations for the future too. Not only does this person have your true interests at heart, but they are somebody to trust when the cards are there on the table at last; and honesty is challenged by those around you who don’t seem to give a damn!

Taurus: You may feel as if you are living back in the past this week. The past is over and if you think about it, you are not that person that you used to be anyway. The Sun sextiles with Neptune and this is a time to spend some money, so make it something not only very special, but something that you have always wanted. Reward yourself for a change!

Gemini: Thank someone for all that they have done and then agree to move on this week. Not all friendships are able to last a lifetime and yet this one is hard to walk away from too. Take the lesson that you have learned in life and give thanks that you saw the light when you did. Pay attention to small details that for others, now, can mean so very much.

Cancer: You are surely getting a broader perspective of what really happened. Mercury conjuncts with Uranus bringing in a wealth of new opportunities. You cannot change the wind but you can unfurl your sails and make your voyage into the unknown; now that the time has finally come. You are closer to a safe landing and in a far better place than you ever were!

Leo: Have fun. You are meeting new people and enjoying new experiences and it is about time too! Finances are encouraging, but you cannot scrimp and save all the time and expect to be happy. This week sees a splurge, but so too comes the opportunity to make someone else happy, repaying a debt of honour and making lasting memories.

Virgo: Take a step back as others have to be responsible for their actions, especially as they have now a better way of dealing with their ups and downs. Ceres instils new values that are destined to take you to new depths, but remember that your feet have to remain firmly on the ground whatever happens. Time has been called, so tune in, take time to chill.

Libra: Now would be the best time to advance a plan, though you will not be able to sit this one out once the cat is out of the bag. People should enjoy rewarding you for what you do best, and your best move is to highlight your expertise, and take on all options. Venus rules actions from Aries, whereby there is some good give and take going on!

Scorpio: Much enterprise and hard work this week as the agenda is stretched to accommodate all that it has to. Pace yourself and start to look and see how someone could help you to expand a little to cope with new projects. Energies from both the Sun and Neptune in cahoots show you that all is fair in love and war but examine all priorities and be sure.

Sagittarius: Don’t waste time thinking about how things could be, but do believe in yourself more and take no prisoners on your current journey of discovery. There are some practical details that have to be thrashed out, but do keep your temper please, even if those around seem to have lost theirs already. All can be and will be as Ceres directs!

Capricorn: Finally you have nudged things into the right direction, but rest assured you cannot please everybody this week. As minor hiccups come along deal with them on merit and let anything unimportant go straight over your head. Many have noticed the changes you are making and they support your enterprise, and your attention to detail too!

Aquarius: Take each day at a time because there is nothing to be gained by putting pressure on yourself. Recently there has been a confrontation which in hindsight you could have avoided but it has made change possible and nothing right now is written in stone anyway! Magic comes midweek when the Sun embraces Jupiter and Uranus takes on Mercury.

Pisces: A minor upset has to be dealt with immediately, but rather than wasting time worrying about things; which are after all out of your control, focus on that which you have already accomplished against the odds. Trust in your intuition and know where it can take you next; it will not lead you astray, but it will act as a signal to others to stay silent!

If it’s your birthday this week: Emotions may be coursing around like a ride on the steepest roller coaster! Remember that on highs and lows the ride is a fast one but you’ll get through because you have to!

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