Javea square rendered hazardous by barbecues


THE FIRA de Pasqua de Javea was celebrated en masse on Sunday in the Placa de l’Esglesia.

As hundreds of guests enjoyed the festivities, two large barbecues roared on and on Monday, business owners in the Placa de l’Esglesia came to open up to find the fat from the cooked meat had spilled all over the pavement tiles, rendering the square dangerous and much like an ice rink.

A bar owner in the square alerted the police to the situation, who closed the area and called in Ferrovial.

Ferrovial pressure washed the square twice but even after such efforts, there were still spots and stains from the barbecues, particularly on the walls of the Sant Bertomeu Church.

The Fira de Pasqua has provoked criticism this year – the associations responsible for the barbecues should have covered the surrounding area to protect the pavement. The bars and restaurants in the square remained closed on Monday, losing out on hundreds of euros of takings.

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