Kids show in Los Alcazares


THIS SATURDAY April 8, children in Los Alcazares will be treated to a spectacular show in the Town Hall Square.

The Band of Mireia is a musical production in which Marieia, a young girl, along with her four friends, finds a very peculiar island in which everything is completely different from our world.

The island is full of enchanted forests and the characters who live in it are responsible for keeping the four seasons perfectly synchronized in our world.

Each of the four seasons has a missing element such as rain, wind and the children are able to participate in finding the missing elements.

The musical spectacular composes 14 subjects, accompanied by a narration and dialogue that help to the develop the story.

Although aimed at a younger audience, older children will enjoy the humour and catchy songs that accompany the dialogue.

Writer and performer of the show, Mireia Montavez, 34, featured in the first season of the operacion Triunfo TV series and later performed in the musical Peter Pan. She has also performed in regular shows in the theme park Port Aventura.

The entertainment begins at 12.30pm on Saturday April 8, in the Plaza de Ayuntamiento Los Alcazares. Get there early to claim a good view.

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