Local couple donate golden wedding anniversary gift


HILARY AND CHRIS Hare are very happily married and recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

They first met in 1964 when Hilary went to work at Chris’s fathers’ company.

After dating for a short while, Chris had a trip to make which took him far away to Egypt but when he returned (after he ran out of money, he says!) they started dating again and in 1966 tied the knot.

When Hilary and Chris decided to throw a party for friends and family to celebrate their Golden anniversary, they decided to do away with the traditional gift and asked their friends and family to instead donate to their very special collection.

Hilary and Chris wanted to buy an electric hoist, a much-needed piece of medical support equipment for HELP of Denia and Marina Alta to loan out to patients.

The electric hoist is used to move the infirm, injured and help to get people standing again when they are weak after surgery, moving them into their wheelchair.

Hilary and Chris hope their contribution to HELP of Denia and Marina Alta will inspire other people to donate, as electric beds and hoists are very much in demand at HELP.

HELP currently has 29 electric beds to lend and all of them are out with a waiting list.

If you would like to support HELP of Denia and Marina Alta in assisting others by donating a special item for care in the home, then please get in touch on 966427044/ [email protected]

President of HELP, Candy Wright expresses her sincere thanks (and congratulations!) once again to the lovely Hilary and Chris.

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