Mate, can I borrow your car?


HOW MANY times have you asked one of your friends if they can lend you their car as a favour, because yours is off the road?

The last time I borrowed a car from a mate, another driver clipped the wing mirror, shattering the glass, resulting in a total replacement of the whole mirror mechanism. I would be too embarrassed to ask him again.

But not as embarrassed as a guy from Thailand who borrowed his mate’s million euro Lamborghini to show at a party and managed to write it off by crashing into a palm tree.

The man jumped into the black Murcialago LP670-4 SuperVeloce after eating at a restaurant with pals in Bangkok.

He had two friends in the car and it became airborne as he drove up a steep part of the road.

He then lost control of the supercar, clipped a motorbike and ploughed the vehicle into a palm tree at the side of the road at 3am on a Monday morning.

The driver was unhurt but his two friends suffered minor cuts and bruises in the crash.

Horror pictures show the entire front and side of the sports car totally destroyed and the devastated driver with his head in his hands.

Police said that the group escaped serious harm but the driver would be charged with reckless driving, causing injury to others and damaging private property

A spokesperson from the Thai police speaking to reporters after the accident, said:

”The man who was driving had a face as white as a ghost. He’ll be paying for the damage for a long time.

“It’s a miracle nobody was killed because the car was smashed very badly. It will need to be sent to the scrap yard. If I was the owner I would be crying.”

The owner told officers that he had paid 40 million Thai Baht for the car, around one million euros.

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