Murcia police on a speeding crusade


DRIVERS IN the Vega Baja region are warned to be particularly observant of their speed and general road use over the next few days.

Guardia Civil traffic police throughout Murcia, last week began a campaign against speeding on the regions roads, by introducing extra unmarked cars.

The initiative, began on Easter Monday and will continue through this coming weekend, before the expected conclusion on Tuesday April 23.

The four extra vehicles will be equipped with a video camera, plus three auto-zoom lens cameras. These controls will be an additional support to the regular patrols carried out by Local Police who are also participating fully during the campaign.

Through the week of patrols, the officers expect to monitor the speed of around 24,000 vehicles on the highways and urban roads of the municipalities of Abarán, Águilas, Cartagena, Murcia and San Pedro del Pinatar.

The Murcian Traffic Police issued a statement confirming the campaign, adding that vehicles driving at excess speed was one of the most frequent causes of accidents on Spanish roads. Adding that a quarter of all deaths in road traffic accidents could have been avoided, had cars been travelling within the speed limit.

Twenty percent of all deaths on the roads of the region could be attributed to a speed related crime as it is virtually impossible for pedestrians to survive if hit by a car travelling above 80km per hour.

The campaign is not only directed towards speeding motorists, but also to those who do not observe the laws on overtaking, keeping adequate distance between vehicles and crossing continous white lines on highways.

Breaking of these road rules is a civil offence classified as either a serious or very serious infringement. Any motorists caught violating the law will receive a fine between 100 euros and 600 euros depending on the severity of the offence.

In addition, the offending motorist can expect the loss of between 2 and 6 points for this type of violation, depending on the excess speed committed.

Since the start of the National initiative, which is part of a wider inter European campaign, conducted simultaneously by 25 countries via the International Organization of Traffic Police (TISPOL), 40% of all fines have been for various speeding and dangerous driving offences.

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