Murcian redevelopment master plan


PLANS FOR the redevelopment of an important historic part of Murcia City are progressing well, according to the authorties planning and development director Roque Ortiz, who held talks with representatives drawing up the master plan for the San Esteban area of the City.

Ortiz, speaking to the Spanish press explained the plan should be completed by the end of the year, with work due to start in 2018.

“It is intended to analyze and propose viable solutions for the recovery of public use space of the garden while putting value on the archaeological zone” said Ortiz.

”The master plan is progressing at a good pace and we work in a coordinated way to continue developing the proposed scheduled works.”

“We have already had various meetings with neighbourhood residents, where they have been able to offer their views on the different works that are going to develop.”

The main aim of the redevelopment is to recover space and enable public use of the garden of San Esteban whilst at the same time preserving the archaeological zone.

The City Council hope to achieve this by striving for an adequate integration of the area around the Palacio de San Esteban it’s adjacent church, with the urban environment, while at the same time pursuing these objectives with the maximum degree of participation and transparency.

The final plan will be multidisciplinary, addressing actions of social and neighborhood integration, tourism promotion, cultural, trade, leisure, park furniture and urban enjoyment, areas of possible pedestrianization, recovery and environmental regeneration, cleaning and waste collection.

Although the action plan includes the archaeological site, the church and the palace of San Esteban, the effective area will be defined by the plan itself, which will make proposals on the immediate and influential urban environment.

Ultimately, the master plan will establish eight lines of action for archaeological conservation, together with the public and citizens use of the environment.

This will be achieved with excellent standards of workmanship to stay in keeping with an urban environment of such centrality and importance and will be the largest and most important project to be developed in Murcia over the coming years.

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