Murder most foul


A FEW weeks ago a young 24-year-old Spanish man was kicked to death outside a popular disco.

Last year a British couple were killed by a bullet to each of them in the living room of their home. Both of these horrific crimes took place in and near to the beautiful village of Jalon in the province of Alicante, and popular with tourists for its wine and lovely almond valley walks. Which rompts the question ‘What’s going on?’

Let me make this quite clear, Jalon is not a cauldron of crime, but it is part of a growing epidemic of sadistic violence amongst ordinary people, especially teenagers and other young people, and not just in Spain or the UK but throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Knife warfare in schools and discos seems now to be commonplace, and we are constantly being told about bloody life-threatening brawls in public places such as on public transport and even in cinemas.

So once again it beggars the question ‘Why?’

What has happened to the human race that so many of its young generation gloat over the thought of ramming a knife into an opponent’s ribs, smashing a skull with anything they can lay their hands on, or shattering a beer glass into a supporter’s face at a football match?

I don’t know about you but even the very thought of all this sends a chill down my spine. But time and time again I ask myself what it is about these mindless creatures who have no respect for the lives of their fellow human beings.

They are willing to kill the innocent for no reason at all, regardless of the consequences. So what are we to do about this horrific wave of murder which has claimed the lives of ordinary people like 24-year-old Alejandro Pavia Flores from Villalonga and the two British expats Peter and Jean Tarsey?

No doubt psychiatrists will suggest their own reasons for this madness that has descended upon us , and there is a great vocal element amongst the general public in the UK and, I suspect, also in Spain about how to deal with  psychopathic youngsters that are out of control: ‘Lock ‘em up for life and throw the keys away!’ ‘Bring back National Service!’ , ‘ Bring back hanging!’.

But no matter how emotional we feel, especially those poor relatives and friends of loved ones who have fallen victim to this murderous frenzy, surely the solution is not a return to the medieval punishment of the past, but in the case of youngsters who kill for kicks, let’s turn to those who should take responsibility for their kid’s behavior.

If we punish anyone it should surely be the parents?

Educate these people into what is right or wrong, and that if they close a blind eye to what their kids are getting up to, then they must be the ones who suffer the consequences, be it in fines, or taxes, or a lengthy prison sentence.

I’ve talked quite a lot about youngsters, but we mustn’t forget that many of these brutal crimes are carried out by older offenders.

I don’t know how many of you will have read my article a few weeks ago about the UK fugitives who are living amongst us in secret here in Spain, well let’s remember that some of these repugnant creatures are mindless middle- aged killers.

But whoever they are, and wherever they come from, what they are committing is cold-blooded murder, murder most foul, and even though it is too late to help young Alejandro Pavia Flores and Peter and Jean Tarsey, it’s our duty to find a way to stop it.

If you have a suggestion as to how we can bring this murderous frenzy to a halt, please contact me at: [email protected]

By Victor Pemberton

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