Parents arrested for forcing daughter to adopt Muslim rules


TWO UNNAMED Moroccan nationals from San Javier were arrested by Guardia Civil officers last week, for forcing their daughter to adhere to the Muslim faith.

According to the Guardia report, the girl was subjected to abuse, humiliation and threats by her parents aged 47 and 31, as they attempted to force her to follow their faith.

She was banished from mixing with other teenagers as they refused to let her adopt any western practices or values. She suffered from constant verbal abuse and beatings from her parents for her refusal to accept the restrictions adopted by the Islamist faith.

Once the girl turned 18 and began a relationship with a non-Muslim boy, the abuse and beatings worsened and she was banished from the family home.

However, the abuse did not end, as the adults sent phone messages and coerced other members of the muslim community to harass her, throw objects and obstruct her path.

She eventually had no option but to report her situation to the Guardia Civil who immediately arrested the protagonists.

The Spanish authorities have made a clear intention to stop extremist activities in the country, particularly involving abuse of minors and have not ruled out further arrests.

The parents remain in custody awaiting charges.

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